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Relocating is always going to be tough, even if you have a professional team working with you. That’s doubly true if it’s a move that’s going to take place over a long distance, like across the state or across the country. Stress and frustration can sometimes feel overwhelming in times like these, but hiring a full-service company capable of taking on a long-distance move can make that stress and frustration much less so! Read on to learn more!

What Is A Palm Beach Area Long-Distance Move?

Defining what exactly constitutes a “long-distance” move may seem like extrapolating on the obvious, but we in the moving industry have to strictly define what we mean by certain kinds of moves, and you should know what those definitions are.

A local move is, typically, a relocation that takes place over 100 miles or less. This allows the team to complete the move in a single day, in most cases. Long-distance moves are longer both in the distance and man-hours, as you might expect, but there are many different forms of long-distance moves. These include intra-state, inter-state, and international, all of which we are well equipped to handle!

There are many reasons why someone might undertake a long haul such as this. Perhaps you got a new job out of state, and need to be in the area. Or, a city across the country is a favorite vacation spot and has better housing prices, or is a safer place to live in. The motives behind moving in this manner are numerous, but only long distance movers and their relocation crews are capable of taking on such a task!

We perform long distance moves in the entire Palm Beach County Area, which includes West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Wellington, and beyond! Here are all the areas we serve. We can move you to or from anywhere within Palm Beach County.

How To Move Across The Country with Meehan’s Family Moving

No matter how industrious you are, there’s simply no way to move the amount of items one typically has in their home a long distance. State to state movers or cross country movers with a professional, full-service crew are recommended as the best solution for long move like this. So, what kind of services do professional interstate moving companies offer?

A full-service moving company with a team of out of state movers will handle a multitude of things for you. These include tasks like packing, easily one of the most time consuming portions of any kind of relocation, and one that is very easy to get wrong and break something in the process. As an additional bonus, they’ll acquire the materials necessary for these tasks by themselves – at no extra cost to you! Loading and unloading your belongings, the most difficult portion of a journey to a new home, will also be handled by those trained in its art!

Here’s a list of other services a proper moving company will offer you:

The main service that will benefit you with a professional team is peace of mind. Every crew member is properly trained in safety protocols that minimize the chance of you, your loved ones, or any of your precious items becoming damaged or injured. The amount of stress relieved by that fact alone is well worth the bill!

How Much Do Palm Beach County, FL Long-Distance Movers Cost?

The average long distance move costs $4,300, according to Thumbtack. However, this price will always be variable, depending on your specific situation, and what sort of services you want.

Some of these factors are outside of your control, and others are not. Some companies offer virtual surveys that can determine relatively accurately how much your relocation will cost, like the United Van Lines’ Virtual Survey, but to get the most accurate estimate possible, you’ll have to reach out to your company of choice for a quote. Most interstate moving companies will arrange the quote by phone, and others will also have an online quote in addition to the phone service. Make sure you do this vital step before hiring someone for the job!

An example of a few factors that might alter the final cost of your move:

Choosing the Best Palm Beach Long-Distance Movers

When it comes to something that must be handled with as much care as a long distance haul, choosing the right people for the job is much more than half the battle. Always check a company’s reviews, ensure they’re properly insured, and do background checks to make sure you avoid as many headaches as possible.

However, when it comes to cross country moves in the Palm Beach metro area, there’s nobody you should choose before Meehan’s Family Moving! Our full-service team is dedicated to making you, the customer, happy under any circumstance, and we’ve got the reviews on Google and Yelp to prove it. We’ve been at this for over fifty years!

We also offer a large suite of services that we’re certain will make your move exponentially easier:

No matter what you throw at us, our crews are well-trained and equipped to handle any sort of situation, all while keeping your precious items safe and sound. We’re the best of the best in all of Florida!

Unless you’ve clicked on this page by accident, you’re probably planning a move far away. You’ve come to the right place – Meehan’s Family Moving are the right people for the job! Call us today at 561-904-6000 or fill out the form on our webpage for a free long-distance moving quote from the best interstate movers in Palm Beach County, Florida!