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West Boca Raton 🌊| Explore West Boca Communities [Mission Bay, Sandalfoot Cove + More]

Last Updated on: 9th February 2024, 02:34 pm

West Boca Raton, commonly called “West Boca,” is an expansive, unincorporated South Florida community and the perfect place to call your paradise. This collection of beautiful residences ranges from luxurious gated communities to more family-friendly neighborhoods, and living in West Boca places you close to the famed Florida beaches, abundant parks, upscale shopping, and delicious dining of this highly sought-after area.

As a more suburban substitute to the main urban sprawl of the City of Boca Raton, moving to West Boca Raton neighborhoods is becoming increasingly popular, with job prospects and excellent schools further contributing to this community’s allure. Here’s an inside look at all this sunshiney community has to offer and why it’s not a place to live but a place to thrive!

Where Is West Boca Raton?

West Boca is the collection of neighborhoods and developments comprising a large part of Boca Raton’s area west of the Florida Turnpike.

The western edge of West Boca Raton meets the land of the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, while Boca Raton’s prime east coast beaches (such as South Beach Park & Red Reef Park) are a short 20-minute drive in the other direction! Other Boca Raton neighborhoods and communities, like the Hamptons at Boca Raton and Whisper Walk, are located to the north of Boca West, while Broward County is to the south.

Major highways that run north to west by West Boca include US HWY 441 and the Florida Turnpike, while Glades Road, W Palmetto Park RD, and SW 18th Street run east to west. Major cities near West Boca include Fort Lauderdale (25 miles), Miami (46 miles), and West Palm Beach (34 miles).

The City of Boca Raton has excellent public transportation, including railways, buses, and shuttles, to help you explore the neighborhoods in West Boca and surrounding areas with ease!

Map of West Boca Raton

Explore beautiful West Boca with this interactive map!

West Boca Raton History & Overview

The history of West Boca Raton Florida, deeply intertwined with the Yamato Colony’s early 20th-century agricultural endeavors, has significantly shaped the evolution of this lovely community. Initially, before it was West Boca, this area thrived with pineapple farming until the colony faced challenges, eventually leading to its decline.

The area was later transformed for military use during World War II, and these structures now host Florida Atlantic University and Boca Raton Airport. Today, West Boca Raton Neighborhoods are a reflection of the diverse and affluent city of Boca Raton, where the median household income (as of the 2020 Census) is $95,570/year. The community boasts a high educational attainment and a demographic mix that includes a significant Jewish community, contributing to its cultural richness.

Overall, the blend of a storied past and dynamic present makes West Boca Raton a unique and evolving community, appealing to both young professionals and retirees​. Living in this neighborhood or living in Boca Raton in general is a truly hard to beat choice.

What’s It Like Living in West Boca Raton?

Living in West Boca Florida offers a serene suburban experience with a touch of South Florida’s vibrancy. This family-friendly community curates a tranquil yet active lifestyle. It’s not as diverse or energetic as Downtown Boca Raton or nearby Ft. Lauderdale or Miami, specifically in terms of nightlife, and is considered a more mellow and upscale community.

While not as walkable as other urban zones, as most of the area consists of neighborhood homes, West Boca boasts numerous parks catering to various outdoor activities and recreation, especially tennis and golf. This community is also home to the Sunset Cove Amphitheater, hosting popular artists in a beautiful outdoor setting.

West Boca Florida is known for its affluence and educational focus, with access to quality education from K-12 public schools such as West Boca High School to universities like Florida Atlantic University and top-rated healthcare at the West Boca Medical Center. Although the demographic is varied overall, showcased through the diverse dining options and cultural events, West Boca has a prominent Jewish community that many are drawn to!

West Boca Raton’s blend of suburban comfort, educational excellence, and community activities makes it an appealing destination for those seeking a balanced lifestyle in South Florida.​

Things to Do in West Boca Raton-  Best Restaurants, Attractions & Shopping

Living in West Boca means you’ll always have something to keep you busy, whether it’s a fun thing to do, a yummy place to eat, or enjoying a little retail therapy.

First, let’s talk about fun and entertainment! Starting with the Coconut Cove Waterpark and Community Center, this water park in West Boca Raton Florida is a splash for the entire family, the perfect way to cool off when it’s open during the hot summer season. Then there’s Osprey Point Golf Course, an 18-hole public course amidst beautiful scenery, among other golfing opportunities like the Boca Woods Country Club or the Boca Lago Golf Course. For evening entertainment, the Sunset Cove Amphitheatre is the spot to catch live performances under the warm Florida sun or shining stars!


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Now, for the outdoor enthusiast, Burt Aaronson South County Regional Park is sure to satisfy. Whether you’re into sports or just want to relax in nature, it’s the perfect place to catch some fresh air. If you’re looking for a quiet escape or one for a rainy day, the West Boca Library is a wonderful resource, not just for books but also for community events.

When it comes to dining, West Boca restaurants don’t disappoint. DVASH is a hit for Mediterranean cuisine, while El Balcón de las Américas offers a delightful taste of Latin America right here in Boca. If you’re craving some freshly grilled Haitian cuisine, Boca Grill Haus is the place to be, as the ambiance and flavors are just fantastic.

There’s plentiful shopping near West Boca neighborhoods, from high-end boutiques to major big box stores. The go-to places are West Boca Plaza, Sandalfoot Plaza, and West Boca Square. You’ll find everything from daily essentials to unique items, making shopping a real pleasure in these spots.

Interested in these fun things to do or amazing West Boca restaurants? Here’s where to find them:

West Boca Raton Communities

From family-friendly neighborhoods to luxury golf communities, the following neighborhoods that comprise West Boca Raton Florida define its vibrant lifestyle and cater to a wide area of interests, age ranges, and affordability, some of the best West Boca Raton neighborhoods!

Sandalfoot Cove

Sandalfoot Cove FL, located in the southern portion of West Boca (about 5 miles from Boca Raton), is an urban neighborhood known for its medium-sized to small single-family homes and townhomes, primarily built between 1970 and 1999. With a median sale price of $312,500, this is one of the more affordable neighborhoods in West Boca Raton.

However, despite being an established neighborhood, it does have a reputation for a higher crime rate. That said, the community is culturally diverse and working hard to enhance safety while reducing crime numbers!

Hamptons at Boca Raton

Just east of Lyons Road, The Hamptons at Boca Raton, a community within West Boca, boasts over 11,000 residents and features homes primarily built from 1980 to 1999. It’s a culturally rich area noted for its significant Cuban and Colombian heritage and one of the more affordable neighborhoods in Boca Raton.

Mission Bay Boca Raton

Mission Bay is distinguished by its young demographic, an ideal neighborhood in West Boca for young professionals, with a significant population of children under 18. This feature makes it a vibrant, family-oriented neighborhood in West Boca. Located in the southwest corner of West Boca off Glades Road, this small but thriving community of over 3,000 residents enjoys a blend of suburban comfort and youthful energy.

Loggers’ Run

Loggers’ Run emphasizes a structured and community-focused living experience in West Boca Raton, helmed by an active Homeowners Association. The area is well-maintained and offers a sense of community engagement and amenities, like waterfront sitting areas, while conveniently located along 441.

Boca Landings

Boca Landings is a gated community in West Boca Raton that offers residents a sense of exclusivity and enhanced security while living in 1-2 story lakefront, classic Florida-style homes. One of the safest neighborhoods in West Boca Raton, this type of community typically attracts those seeking a more private and secure living environment, albeit slightly more expensive.

Century Village

Century Village is a gated 55+ community and home to over 7,600 happy residents. This elegant West Boca neighborhood caters specifically to active seniors, providing amenities and a community atmosphere that suits the lifestyle and preferences of its residents.

Boca West

Boca West is a renowned golf community in Boca Raton with over 3,000 residents. It’s characterized by luxury living and extensive golfing facilities, the Boca West Country Club making it a popular choice for golf enthusiasts and those seeking an upscale lifestyle classic to this affluent area.

Boca Del Mar

Boca Del Mar, one of the best places to live in West Boca Raton, has a population of around 22,000 and is particularly known for its large Orthodox Jewish population. This cultural aspect contributes significantly to the diversity and character of Boca Del Mar Florida.

Boca Pointe

Boca Pointe is a neighborhood in West Boca Raton for families of about 3,000 residents sprawled out between 29 ‘villages’, known for its well-maintained properties and exclusivity. With a private club and championship golf course, this neighborhood in West Boca offers a comfortable and upscale living experience.

Is West Boca Raton Safe?

The Boca Raton crime rate is already one of the lowest in all of Palm Beach County and 7.6% lower than the national average (according to the FBI), with most crime occurring within the limits of the eastern city. Therefore, this makes West Boca Raton a true family-friendly safe haven in sunny South Florida, as this community includes a handful of the safest neighborhoods in all of Boca Raton.

Overall, living in West Boca Raton Florida is extremely safe, and residents are proudly protected by the 6 sergeants and 42 patrol officers of the West District Boca Raton Police Department.

West Boca Raton Real Estate

The housing market in Boca Raton is typically more expensive than in the rest of the United States, with median home prices of $620,000. Although the West Boca real estate is similar, you can find more affordable options depending on the specific neighborhood within this broader community.

For example, condos and homes for sale in Century Village West feature a median sale price of just $162,000, while homes in Loggers Run are a much higher $600,000. Sandalfoot Cove, on the other hand, finds itself in the middle, with median home prices of $312,500.

The rental market in West Boca Raton is also diverse. While the median rent in the city of Boca Raton is $2,874, the apartments in the neighborhoods of West Boca range from the lower end of $1,700 to upscale communities starting at $3,000+.

Exploring the extraordinary neighborhoods in West Boca Raton reveals a community rich in diversity and full of charm, suitable for various lifestyles, preferences, and ages. If you plan on moving to or from beautiful West Boca, call the pros at Meehan’s Family Moving at 561-904-6000 for a free quote and experience a totally stress-free transition.


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