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Moving with Pets by Meehan's Family Moving

Tips For Moving With Pets

Last Updated on: 6th May 2023, 01:50 pm

No matter where you’re moving, it just wouldn’t be home if you didn’t bring the furry members of your family along. Moving can be stressful by itself; unfortunately, it can also cause stress and anxiety in your pets.

Here are some tips from our family to yours to help ease your pets’ anxiety during your move, and make the entire process easy for everyone.

Talk To Your Vet

If you’re moving out of town and will be changing vets, make sure you inform the vet you have now. They can ensure you have your pet’s health records, sufficient prescription medications, and they might even be able to recommend another vet in your new city. If your pet is nervous, excitable, or prone to motion sickness, your vet may also be able to provide safe sedation or any other health documents needed.

Create a Quiet Space At the Old House and New House

Moving can be loud and scary for pets. While the actual moving is happening (especially if you have a team of movers there), we recommend keeping your pet with a friend or at a kennel. If that’s not available, then simply keep your pet in the quietest room you have, away from the action, with sufficient water and food. Check on them regularly, and try to keep their routine regular (e.g. take them on a walk or feed them at the same time). This predictability will help them feel calmer during all the changes.

Likewise, in your new home, set up as much of a room as you can, before you introduce your pet to their new space. Confine them to that section while they slowly adjust to their new surroundings, and make sure they get their familiar toys and blankets as soon as possible. Again, keep their routine as regular and predictable as possible and make them feel at home in your new home!

Make Long-Distance Travel Easier

If you’re traveling by car and will require overnight stays, be sure to make advanced reservations at places that allow pets. For dogs and cats, pet carriers and folding kennels will be your best friend for overnight or multi-day trips. If your pet isn’t already comfortable or familiar with car travel, prepare by taking them for some short trips around town before the big move day.
And just as you have an overnight bag, prepare one for your pet too. These should have enough food, toys, blankets, or litter needed to keep your pet comfortable during travel days. Never let them loose in a strange area, no matter how well behaved they may be. Make sure to pack a leash for your dog and consider purchasing a harness for your cat if you’ll be camping or stopping at rest areas.

Caged Pets, Birds, and Fish

Birds and caged pets, such as gerbils and mice, can usually just travel in the cage they’re in at home. Cover cages while on the road to minimize stress and fear as much as possible. Remove water from the cages to avoid spills, but be sure to give them the opportunity to drink fresh water every time you stop.

Fish should be removed from their aquarium and placed into a leak-proof plastic bag filled ⅓ of the way with water from their aquarium. You can place the plastic bag into a sturdy container like a cooler (without ice, of course) which will help stabilize the temperature for long travel. Open up the bag every 5 hours to refresh the air supply. If you have a lot of fish, we recommend talking to your pet shop as they will be able to provide specialized recommendations and travel supplies.

Whenever You’re Moving, Move With Meehan’s Family Moving

Whether you’re moving with pets or without, move with Meehan’s Family Moving. For three generations, we’ve been helping our customers’ move be burden-free, worry-free and stress-free. Contact us today for a free quote or call us at (561) 904-6000 if you need help right away. 


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