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Last-minute moving

Three Tips for a Last-Minute Move

Last Updated on: 26th August 2021, 06:29 am

In an ideal world, you can take your time moving and move on a reasonable timeline. But unfortunately, not every move is smooth sailing. Before you start, try to consider what type of move you’re experiencing. Is this a last-minute move where you didn’t get enough notice to move? Or, did you procrastinate and find yourself with very little time to wrap up your move? In either case, you can use the handy tips below to speed through your last-minute move:

1. Create a Plan

Step one is to create a plan. It’s easy to feel “analysis-paralysis” when you have too much to do. Dust off your pen and paper, and create a to-do list that prioritizes what you really need to get done. For most, that will involve renting a moving truck or hiring a moving company. Head on over to Yelp or Google Reviews and check out the top moving companies in your local area.

When you’re ready to book, make that phone call! You’ll want to have a good idea of the following: how many items you’ll need help moving, their size, whether you are on a first or second floor, what the parking situation may be for the movers and an idea of your budget.

When you speak to the moving company, ask them if they charge by the hour or by the amount of furniture being moved. Depending on how many items you have, choosing a company that works by the hour or by how much is being moved may work better for your budget.

2. Declutter Your Space

One of the most helpful tips to consider when you’re moving is to declutter! Clearing out items that you don’t need, don’t regularly use and can donate, toss or giveaway is a great idea. Start by creating three piles for those categories, or grab a few large moving bags or boxes to separate your items. A few important areas you might consider going through and decluttering: your bathroom (especially toiletries and products that you’ve had stocked in drawers and aren’t using anymore), your kitchen pantry (soup kitchens and donation centers would greatly appreciate any extras you might not want to move with!), your clothing (this is a big one.

When was the last time you wore some of the items in your closet? If it wasn’t in the last six months, consider donating!) and your garage or basement for odds and ends, holiday ornaments/decor and random items you haven’t used in ages. All in all, realize that any item you don’t use will have to travel with you for your move. If it’s not something you want or use regularly, why bring it along? Decluttering is also a great way to reduce the moving costs involved when it comes to movers.

3. Get the Extra Help You Need

Finally, we highly recommend you get the extra help you need! Is work or daily life incredibly busy for you, like it is for many? If so, you might think, besides hiring movers for your large furniture and boxes, asking for extra help packing, relocating items and getting your house prepped for the big move day. Many movers offer additional packing services and will include packaging materials (tape, boxes, labels).

If tacking on an extra service is out of your budget, think about asking family or friends to help with your move. Friends and relatives are a great resource during a move, and you can turn moving day (or moving prep) into a fun time with pizza, drinks and hanging out when you’re done.

When you do book a moving service, we highly suggest waiting to move until October through April (if you can) when possible because most moving companies are far less busy and can offer their best rates!

Whenever You’re Moving, Move With Meehan’s Family Moving

Whether you have flexibility in your move or need to move right away, move with Meehan’s Family Moving. We’ll always do our best to fit you in our schedule. For three generations, we’ve been helping our customers’ move be burden-free, worry-free and stress-free. Contact us today for a free quote or call us at (561) 904-6000 if you need help right away.

Are you moving this fall? Need help right away? Contact Meehan’s Family Moving at: (561) 904-6000 today! Our moving family will make sure your move is completely stress-free.

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