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Three Great Reasons to Move in the Fall

Last Updated on: 6th May 2023, 01:47 pm

The weather is starting to cool down and for many South Florida residents, it’s a great time of year to plan a move. Between the milder weather, reduced traffic and headstart in front of the upcoming holidays, moving in the fall is often easier and less hot and humid than moving in the spring or summer. If you have the option of planning your move around the seasons, consider an autumn one. 

Below are three reasons Meehan’s Family Moving highly suggests moving in the fall:

1. Mild, Cooler Weather

The number one reason we recommend a fall move is the pleasant weather. Whether you live in South Florida or somewhere else in the United States, a fall move usually comes with milder weather. If you live up North, you’ll skip the slipper snow and ice that comes with the winter. Or, if you’re in the South, you can easily avoid the sweltering heat and humidity while you’re carrying boxes. You’ll also be more likely to recruit family and friends to help out with your move during this time of year!

2. Easier if You Have Kids

For many folks with kids, moving before school starts in the fall makes the transition a little easier. Depending on when you time your move, you can avoid pulling your kids in and out of school mid-session. Moving in the fall will also help your kiddos get settled in at home as they start the new school year.

3. Get Moved in Before the Holidays

Another helpful benefit of moving in the fall is getting a headstart in front of the holidays. For many families, the holidays are extremely busy. Holiday get-togethers, travel plans, potlucks, parties, and more — it’s a time of year where many folks are on-the-go. Moving during this time is not ideal, and could prove to be very stressful if you don’t plan carefully. In addition, most moving companies are less busy in the fall, so you can get a better deal on moving rates!

Whenever You’re Moving, Move With Meehan’s Family Moving

Whether you have flexibility in your move or need to move right away, move with Meehan’s Family Moving. We’ll always do our best to fit you in our schedule. For three generations, we’ve been helping our customers’ move be burden-free, worry-free and stress-free. Contact us today for a free quote or call us at (561) 904-6000 if you need help right away.

Are you moving this fall? Need help right away? Contact Meehan’s Family Moving at: (561) 904-6000 today! Our moving family will make sure your move is completely stress-free.

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