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Best time of year to move

Summer vs Winter: When Should You Move?

Last Updated on: 26th August 2021, 06:30 am

Are you moving this summer? Need help right away? Contact us today! Our moving family will make your move stress-free.

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Most moving takes place in two seasons: summer or winter. That’s not to say nobody moves in spring or fall, but those two are when the bulk of the moving happens. You may be locked into a lease, so you happen to move when your lease is up. Depending on when you move, things can change like the weather, availability, and cost. Here are the top things to consider for your move.


One of the things that makes summer the most popular month to move is the weather. Sparefoot, a storage company, polled their customers, and they responded that they’d rather move in 100 degree heat than zero degree cold. While that may be true for the rest of the country, Meehan’s Family Moving knows it’s better to move in Florida’s winter than the summer.

The summer heat brings its own challenges. Moving is strenuous work, so if you move in the heat, you’re at more of a risk of heat exhaustion. For those who decide summer is the best time, or for those who must move because of rental agreements, make sure to drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks. Also, consider hiring a moving company that will do the
heavy lifting for you.


Summer remains a busy time to move because families with children are out of school, people get married in the summer, and students go away to or return from college. In areas outside of Palm Beach county and South Florida, people tend to stay put during the winter. It may also be harder to find a professional moving service in the summer since more people are moving.

Therefore, summer has more availability for rental homes, apartments, and houses for sale. In summer, there will be more of a selection, but in the winter there will be less. Zillow found that winter is the slowest month to sell a home. While spring may be the best time for selling, many people are still looking to buy in the summer.


Winter is the better time to move than summer especially if you’re buying a home because availability also affects cost. Even though there is more of a selection in the summer, there are plenty of buyers and renters to compete with. In the winter, sellers can sometimes experience unforeseen circumstances that make them more motivated to sell.

Seasons definitely affect rental prices, and the best prices can be found in December and January. Rental properties might have trouble finding people to sign leases, and might offer move-in deals to fill vacancies. At Meehan’s Family Moving, we suggest waiting to move until October through April when possible because we are less busy and can offer our best rates!

Whenever You’re Moving, Move With Meehan’s Family Moving

Whether you have flexibility in your move, or need to move right away, move with Meehan’s Family Moving. We’ll always do our best to fit you in. For three generations, we’ve been helping our customers’ move be burden-free, worry-free, and stress-free. Contact us today for a free quote or call us at (561) 904-6000 if you need help right away.


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