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West Palm Beach FL Neighborhoods Guide [2024] | 🏘️ Best Places to Live in West Palm Beach

Last Updated on: 8th March 2022, 08:50 pm

Originating from small settlements along south Florida’s coast in the 1870s, West Palm Beach is a city directly west of Palm Beach (go figure), situated on the barrier islands that make the region so unique. The city had a tumultuous life, growing in the 20s and 50s but ultimately ending up crime ridden and vacant during the 90s. That changed during the 2000s, where a new spurt of development has kicked off resettlement and reclamation, as well as efforts to preserve historic communities. Nowadays, West Palm Beach is rife with amazing sub-communities and plenty of excellent neighborhoods to explore. Find out which neighborhood is right for you in this blog!

Flamingo Park – Luxury in Every Way

Flamingo Park, also known as Flamingo Parks, is located on the southern stretch of West Palm Beach. Located just a short distance away from most of West Palm Beach’s finest dining and shopping in the Rosemary Square, this neighborhood’s nearness to the best attractions in the area is a primary draw for new residents.

While Rosemary Square is nearby, there’s still lots to do within Flamingo Park. For instance, the Italian restaurant Grato, with its ‘50s chic style, is very popular amongst locals from all over West Palm Beach, as is the brewery next door, Civil Society Brewing Company. The Flamingo Park experience is great!

Flamingo Park is certainly a luxury neighborhood, and that is reflected in its home prices. Prices here can range from $600,000 to upwards of $2,000,000. A chance to live in a community as beautiful as this is well worth the price!

  • Great for:
  • Being close to the fun
  • Large and luxurious properties
  • Easy walkability

Prospect Park – Large and Historic

One of the oldest neighborhoods in West Palm Beach, Prospect Park can also boast the title of being one of the most beautiful. Home to many large mediterranean-style estates, this community has charm in spades. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that there are only old-fashioned properties here because of that “historic” label, however. Prospect Park is still being actively developed, and some properties here are only a few years old!

Prospect Park is just as affluent as the rest of the area, if not more so. While some houses go for a low end of $600,000, many homes in the community are very large, mansion-like properties, some of which can go for almost $3,000,000. Prospect Park has the added benefit of being right on the waterfront (although, you’re never far from the waterfront in West Palm Beach).

  • Great for:
  • Being right by the beach
  • Historic and beautiful homes
  • Affluent community


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The Southend – Variety is the Spice of Life

Southend is a large neighborhood located on the – you guessed it! – south end of West Palm Beach. The Southend is well-known for its position near most of West Palm Beach’s urban sprawl, giving it quick access to many of West Palm Beach’s attractions, much like the aforementioned Flamingo Park community.

Another thing Southend is close to is the coast (although all of West Palm Beach is close to the coast, really!). Beach bums will love this neighborhood for easy access to all sorts of sea-related activities. The Summa Beach Park is contained within its confines.

Another thing the Southend is known for is its variety, particularly in homes. As one might expect, the eastern area that is closer to the beach is more expensive, and it is not uncommon to see properties selling for millions of dollars in that section of the community. However, the western section is more reasonable, and properties there can sell for less than $400,000 at times.

If you need variety, Southend is your spot!

  • Great for:
  • Both affordable and affluent properties
  • Near West Palm Beach’s urban areas
  • Walkable community

El Cid – Affluence by the Water

El Cid is a bit like Flamingo Park on steroids – which makes sense, because El Cid is located just north of Flamingo Park. Like Flamingo Park, a primary benefit of living in El Cid is closeness to West Palm Beach’s greatest attractions and shopping. However, El Cid also boasts a reputation for luxury totally unmatched by Flamingo Park.

While mostly residential, and therefore not quite bursting at the seams with attractions in restaurants within neighborhood limits, El Cid is known for containing the home of the late Ann Norton in it, containing both outdoor and indoor exhibits of her modern-style architecture. An interesting way to spend an afternoon, for sure.

Many properties are exponentially larger and more beautiful than the average property in Flamingo Park, and they have the hefty price tags to show it. Most homes go for around $3,000,000, and that’s on the low end! El Cid’s most desirable properties are those that are large, but also have a location right on the beach, with an unblocked view of the water. Properties like these can sometimes sell for upwards of $10,000,000! If you manage to get your hands on one of these expensive properties, you can be assured that you hold some of the nicest real estate in America!

El Cid is some of West Palm Beach’s most coveted real estate, and the reason as to why is obvious. The views here are without compare!

  • Great for:
  • Truly luxurious properties
  • Proximity to amenities
  • Exclusive community

CityPlace – Urban and Walkable Neighborhood with a Lively Nightlife

Maybe a home out in the ‘burbs isn’t for you. We get it. In that case, you’ll definitely want to check out the neighborhood of CityPlace. CityPlace is as urban as West Palm Beach’s neighborhoods can get, located right in the middle of the urban sprawl and hosting an interesting nightlife.

Many awesome attractions and eateries are within easy walking distance of this community, which makes it a popular one for young professionals who live in the area. The primary shopping center in the neighborhood is The Square, which has all sorts of specialty stores in its confines. The wonderful AMC Rosemary Square provides most movie enthusiasts their way to see movies in an upscale movie theater environment. Il Bellagio and BurgerFi are two immensely popular restaurants in the CityPlace area. The Square even contains fancy furniture stores and dinner theatres. There’s little you won’t be able to find while in CityPlace.

The bulk of CityPlace’s properties are apartments, condos, and townhouses. Generally speaking, prices are surprisingly reasonable. According to Redfin, the average sale price is $368,000, and most listings reflect that, although very nice condos, highrises, and penthouses naturally will cost more, sometimes close to $1,000,000.

  • Great for:
  • A truly walkable community
  • Reasonable urban property prices
  • Attractions and eateries just a jog away

Grandview Heights – A Little Bit of Everything

Grandview Heights is like the metaphorical “just right” porridge in the tale of Goldilocks. It’s a community that combines everything – affluence, affordability, urban, exurban – into a combo that makes a nice middle ground, hence why it’s so popular! Like Flamingo Park and El Cid, Grandview Heights boasts proximity to urban concentrations, useful for easy access to all the finest restaurants and things to do, while also being distant enough from the hustle and bustle.

Grandview Heights is known for hosting the Howard Park facility, which has a typical outdoor picnicking area with a kid’s playset, as well as further facilities like a community center and tennis courts. All of this is right within walking distance of most of Grandview Heights’ housing.

This “just right” principle also applies to Grandview Heights’ property prices. Don’t let the $750,000 median sale price for the community fool you – Grandview Heights has affluent and affordable properties in near equal measure. While some of the larger properties have list prices that exceed $1,000,000, there are also plenty of smaller properties, with listings as low as $240,000, a much more reasonable pricing.

Grandview Heights is a perfect “jack of all trades” community. The entire range of price and location is available here – and many will find that it’s the perfect neighborhood for them!

West Palm Beach Neighborhood Map

Want to get the general lay of the land when it comes to West Palm Beach’s neighborhoods? This map will help!

West Palm Beach is that idyllic paradise many dream of when they think of Florida. It’s a place with all sorts of communities for all sorts of budgets and philosophies. No matter which neighborhood you choose to live in, West Palm Beach will treat you right!

However easy living in West Palm Beach might be, moving there is the hard part. You’ll need help, and at Meehan’s Family Moving, we can make your transition a way easier time for everyone involved! Give us a call at 561-904-6000 or complete the cost-free quote form for a price estimate. Get started on your journey to making one of these wonderful communities your new home!


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