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What is Living in Lantana FL Like? 😍☀️ | COMPLETE Guide for Moving to Lantana

Last Updated on: 21st June 2023, 10:14 pm

Lantana is a wonderfully peaceful and picturesque coastal town in Florida. Located on the South Atlantic Coast near the southern tip of the state’s peninsula, the quiet and friendly town of Lantana is known for its remarkable scenery and beautiful sunny beach with over 800 feet of shoreline. Lantana FL – not to be confused with the famous Lantana plant – further provides residents with an abundance of beach and water activities, unique restaurants, quaint boutiques, and beautiful parks. Lantana’s first settlements began in the 1840s and the town was officially founded by The Lyman family. By the late 1800s, Lantana accommodated the historical Barefoot Mailman oceanside route– now an iconic Florida symbol. Today, the vibrant town of Lantana proves to be the perfect destination for those craving relaxation, adventure, and old Florida charm.

Where is Lantana Florida?

As one of the oldest communities in Palm Beach County, the town of Lantana is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale and is situated in the Miami metropolitan area. Lantana is nestled along the Atlantic’s Lake Worth Lagoon and the Intracoastal Waterway in southern Florida. The distance from Lantana to Fort Lauderdale is roughly 40 miles south.

A few of Lantana’s nearby communities include Lake Worth Beach to the north and Boynton Beach to the south. Regarding public transportation, you can take a train to and from Lantana via Tri-Rail or a bus via Palm Tran and Broward County Transit. East Ocean Ave is the bridge connecting Lantana’s Hypoluxo Island to the rest of the town. Additionally, Interstate 95 runs through the town, which takes you all the way to Miami.

Lantana FL Population & Demographics

The coastal community of Lantana Florida has a population of 11,504 distributed over 2.37 miles at a population density of 4,862 per square mile. In the last decade, the population has increased by over 10%. The median age in Lantana is 43.3, whereas 33.7% of residents are foreign-born. 86.2% of the Lantana population has earned a high school diploma or higher, and 22.1% have attained a bachelor’s degree or higher. The Lantana median household income is $57,683, which is $4,094 below the state median.

Lantana has been called home by several notable people, such as radio announcer Paul Shannon.

The racial demographics in Lantana are very diverse, with Whites making up 48.&% of the population. Blacks make up 29%, Hispanics at 20.7%, and Asians at .2%. The gender makeup in Lantana FL is 54.9% male and 45.1% female.

Is Lantana Florida safe? According to the FBI, the Lantana Florida crime rate is 3,992 per 100k population. This is 85.4% higher than the state and 70.2% higher than the country. Nonetheless, the crime in Lantana is mostly condensed in certain avoidable areas. There are plenty of safe Lantana neighborhoods for living in and raising a family.

The town is served by the Lantana Police Department with 30 sworn officers.

Cost of Living in Lantana, FL

The cost of living index for Lantana Florida is 108.1, or around 8% higher than the national average. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four living in Palm Beach County should make $89,971 a year to live comfortably. While Lantana and the rest of Florida can enjoy zero income tax, the sales tax in Lantana is 7%.

Interested in Lantana FL real estate? There are many charming Lantana Florida homes for sale. According to Redfin, Lantana has a median home price of $395,000. Curious about Lantana Florida apartments? Based on data from Rentcafe, the average monthly apartment rent in Lantana is 2,534 for a 982-square-foot apartment.

Lantana typical living expenses

Below is a list of Numbeo’s everyday expenses in West Palm Beach– a nearby city to Lantana.

  • Average Lantana utilities per month: $164.51
  • Doctor’s visit: $110
  • Gallon of gas: $3.56
  • Gallon of milk: $4.29
  • One dozen eggs: $4.84

Lantana Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Lantana Florida

The peaceful town of Lantana is home to several charming and family-friendly neighborhoods. You’ll find everything from affordable single-family homes to luxurious mansions. The eastern areas of Lantana tend to be the most desirable, whereas the northwest regions are more affordable. Here are three of the best neighborhoods in Lantana, Florida:

Hypoluxo Island | Upscale coastal neighborhood in Lantana, FL

If you’re looking for an upscale Lantana neighborhood with lush landscaping and luxurious beach homes, look no further than Hypoluxo Island. Located on the south end of the Intracoastal Waterway, this neighborhood has a median home price of $2,137,500 and will give you close access to Lantana’s pristine beaches. The area features beautiful villas and Tuscan-style waterfront estates with private beaches.

Southwinds | Affordable & family-friendly Lantana neighborhood near shopping center

Southwinds is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Lantana, with a median home price of $215,000. This family-friendly area provides close access to the town’s elementary school and shopping center.

Lantana Pines | Picturesque neighborhood in Lantana close to nature preserve

The Lantana Pines neighborhood is a great option if you desire a single-family home with serene views across the water. You’ll also be next to the High Ridge Country Club and Hypoluxo Scrub Natural Area – a top-rated nature preserve with numerous outdoor opportunities and wildlife. The median home price here is $219,000.

Lantana Weather & Climate

With a tropical rainforest climate, Lantana experiences comfortable, humid winters with lows of 56°F and hot, wet summers with highs of 90°F. This makes for the perfect weather to visit the beach. You’ll need sunglasses throughout the 230 days of sunshine and a raincoat for the 62 inches of annual rainfall in Lantana. With winter being the most comfortable time of year, the best months to visit Lantana are in February, March, and December.

Things to Do in Lantana

Lantana in Florida offers plenty of delicious dining, shopping, Lantana Florida hotels like the Motel 6 Lantana, FL, and outdoor activities such as golf, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, surfing, and boating. If you need to spend some cash, Lantana is home to the Lantana Shopping Center and Lantana Village Square. Here are a few of the best things to do in Lantana, FL:

Lantana Municipal Beach

Home to the “Barefoot Mailman” legend, the 8-acre Lantana beach has nearly 800 feet of shoreline and is the perfect place to cool off with friends and family. Here, you’ll also find the peaceful Lantana Beach Park, equipped with a playground and a quaint cafe.

100 N Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, FL 33480, (561) 540-5000

Lantana Bicentennial Park

This relaxing park in Lantana is a great place to escape, unwind, and watch the boats go by. It features docks, fishing, playgrounds, and quiet green areas.

321 E Ocean Ave, Lantana, FL 33462, (561) 540-5000

Lantana Nature Preserve

Looking for a place to explore the wonders of nature? The Lantana Nature Preserve is the place to go for scenic hiking trails brimming with flora and fauna.

440 E Ocean Ave, Lantana, FL 33462

Additional attractions in Lantana

The parks and recreational facilities in Lantana are served by the Lantana Florida Parks and Recreation department. You can tune in on Lantana Florida news and Lantana events on the town’s government website.

Lantana Florida Restaurants

Check out a few of the best restaurants from Lantan’s diverse mix of food options.

Old Key Lime House

Tasty casual seafood restaurant in a historic house with waterfront views.

300 E Ocean Ave, Lantana, FL 33462, (561) 582-1889

Victoria’s Peruvian Restaurant

Delicious Peruvian restaurant in Lantana features classic Peruvian fare.

111 S 3rd St, Lantana, FL 33462, (561) 588-9606

Lantana Pizza

Pizzeria featuring live music, patio seating, and excellent Italian dishes.

467 Greynolds Cir, Lantana, FL 33462, (561) 582-5550

Jobs in Lantana FL

The town of Lantana is home to both large chain businesses and locally-owned businesses. Lantana is projected to experience 39.6% job growth in the next decade, which is 6.1% higher than the U.S. average. The average base salary in Lantana is $70,000, while the average hourly rate is $16.48. A few of the most popular job positions in Lantana include corporate controllers and office administrators, whereas the most popular employers include Southwinds, Inc. and High Ridge Country Club. If you’re interested in Lantana job postings, try searching online for jobs in and around Lantana Florida.

Lantana Schools

Lantana is served by The School District of Palm Beach County, which has over 189,000 students, 236 schools, and a student-teach ratio of 19 to 1. A few of the schools in Lantana include Lantana Elementary and Santaluces Community High School. If you need to study or read a book, the Lantana Public Library is open five days a week.

Lantana Statistics & Information

  • County: Palm Beach County
  • Lantana area: 2.97 mi²
  • Lantana zip codes – 33462
  • Lantana area code – 561
  • Lantana elevation – 10’
  • Lantana time zone – Eastern Time Zone (EST)
  • Closest airport to Lantana: Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) – 9.7 miles north of Lantana.

Lantana FL Map

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