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3 Tips for Moving on a Budget

Last Updated on: 26th August 2021, 06:34 am

Over the years, you’ve probably heard that moving house is not only stressful but expensive as well. Even moving across town can be pricey, and the costs only go up from there. There are steps that you can take to try to move for as little as possible.

This month, we’ve compiled the following cheap moving tips to help you move without breaking the bank.

Free Moving Boxes and Supplies

Moving supplies are easily one of the biggest costs associated with moving. You could end up paying a small fortune for cardboard boxes alone. When you factor in bubble wrap and padding, you’re looking at a hefty bill.

Don’t pay for your boxes. You can obtain used boxes from friends or local businesses. Grocery stores are a great source for free boxes, as they go through several large boxes a day.

Consider killing two birds with one stone and use things that you already own to supplement your packing supplies. You’re already going to be moving your bags and suitcases, so you might as well fill them with other items.

Use blankets and clothing as cushioning materials. You can also use newspaper to help fill space in boxes. You can repurpose baskets and other items around the house into moving supplies

Keep an Eye out for Relocation Options

This next point mostly applies to cross-country moves, but can also fit if you’re relocating for a job, even if you’re moving within the same state. Your company may offer a relocation package to help cover the costs.

Keep in mind that you might be eligible for job-related tax deductions. Don’t overlook these bonuses; they can make all the difference if you’re moving on a budget. Save all relevant documents and receipts, and contact a tax professional to check your eligibility.

Move Less to Pay Less

Along with supplies, one of the biggest costs that you’ll have to pay is for the transit itself. If you need to cut costs, the most helpful advice we can give is travel light.

The fewer things you take with you, the less cash you’ll have to shell out to move. The weight of your shipment determines how much you’ll have to pay. Logic would follow that if you have less weight, you’ll pay less in the end.

If you’re moving cross-country, the weight of your shipments matter even more. So, only move the things that you know that you’ll use again soon, and get rid of the rest.

You might even be able to sell your unwanted items to make some extra money to pad the budget. Hold a yard sale or list your goods online to get them out of your house.

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