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How to pack holiday ornaments with Meehan Family Moving

How to Pack Holiday Ornaments

Last Updated on: 26th August 2021, 06:29 am

The holidays have come and gone. Apart from dealing with the typical winter blues, you also have to pack away all of your holiday decorations and ornaments for next year.

It’s a chore practically everyone dreads doing, but don’t fret. We’ve got the best tips that will help make boxing up your holiday decorations and ornaments a breeze! 

Plus, this quick guide will save you time, money, and major headaches when the holidays come around next year.

Organize Your Packing Materials

Remember the old saying, “reduce, reuse, recycle?” Keep that in mind when you start to organize your packing supplies. The best way to reduce the amount of waste after the holidays, as well as the number of supplies you need to buy, is to recycle and reuse everything you can.

For example, you can recycle your wrapping paper after opening presents. Instead of just throwing it away, you can give it new life by reusing it as packing paper. You can use it as-is, or shred it and use it as filler to protect fragile ornaments. You can also reuse gift boxes, cookie tins, and even egg cartons as storage for smaller items.

Here’s what else you might need:

  • Packing paper for wrapping ornaments and bundling more fragile items
  • Cardboard boxes or plastic bins for storage
  • Ziploc bags for ornament hooks
  • Tape to seal boxes 
  • A pen or marker for labeling bags and boxes

Sort Your Decorations 

The easiest way to avoid headaches for the following holiday season is to sort your decorations before packing them away after the current season.

You can organize your decorations and ornaments in a few different ways:

  • By how big it is (e.g. Christmas tree vs. stockings)
  • By what it is (e.g. lights vs. wreaths)
  • By where it goes (e.g. family room vs. kitchen)

By categorizing your ornaments, you’ll know exactly where you’ll need to look in order to find specific items right when you need them. 

Label Absolutely Everything

There’s no point in organizing everything and storing it away neatly if you don’t know where any of it is.

Make sure you always label the contents of each box or container. This will make finding specific ornaments a piece of cake when it comes to setting them up again next year. 

You’ll also want to label which boxes contain fragile items, especially if you’re moving or putting them away with heavier items in your designated storage space. This will offer your holiday decorations an extra layer of protection whether you stay put or celebrate the holidays in a new home next year.

Remember, while it may not be glamorous, properly packing your holiday ornaments and decorations are the perfect gift to give yourself for the next holiday season.

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